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Increased Labour Responsivness

Dispatch work orders to field crew directly, wherever they are. In connected mode, as soon as the assignment is saved in Maximo, the mobile device notifies its user of the new assignment with the standard ring or vibration.

Increased Data Entry Efficiency

Maintenance crew can report their start and end time, issue material and report a failure cause all with single tap actions. This ensures correct and timely data entry that doesn't feel like administrative work for field crew personnel.

Reduced Overall License Cost

onLocation user's don't require Maximo licenses, the platform synchronizes data through the Maximo Integration Framework. This removes the need for organisation to purchase full Maximo licenses for field crew who would only requiring mobile capabilities.

Low Bandwidth Usage

The server synchronisation communication, both in connected or disconnected mode, is optimized for low-banwidth infrastructure. This means that on standard networks, synchronisation time is greatly reduced whereas on low-bandwidth link, such as satellite up-links, the application is still fully usable and cheap to operate.

Allows for a BYOD Model

The onLocation for Maximo mobile application is distributed free of charge on the Google Play store. This allows users to download and install the application on any number of personal or corporate devices. This model will often be used by organisation to reduce their internal costs, knowing that corporate application can be securely access by employees' personal devices.

Increased Range of Usable Devices

onLocation for Maximo is not compatible only with expensive, ruggedized Windows ME devices. It runs on all Android devices, providing organisations with a much wider range of hardware to select for their corporate mobile platforms.

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