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Connected or Store-and-Forward Modes

onLocation is a true store and forward application, allowing for full off-line mode, as well as semi-connected or fully connected for real-time updates.

Geospatial Integration

onLocation for Maximo leverages the embedded Google maps add-on to provide full geo-tagged data visualisation and geo-search capabilities.

This geospatial information can be sourced directly in the Maximo Spatial / ESRI backend GIS.

Barcode Reader

onLocation for Maimo can use the device's camera as a barcode reader to quickly and efficiently retrieve the right data record related to an asset, a work order, a service request or any material items.

Photo Attachement and Upload

onLocation can attach pictures taken with the device's camera as attachements on work order, asset or service request records. In connected mode, these attachemetns are immediately accessible from the Maximo application, providing supervisors and planners with immediate contextual information from on-site assets.

Attachment Download

onLocation for Maximo also allows mobile users to request the download of attached documents on all major objects. This provides full engineering and design background to field users.

Data Update Collision Optimisation

Because data records can be updated in disconnected mode, the onLocation platform will perform field value level collision detection. This means that if a mobile user updates the same record as a desktop user before synchronizing, the onLocation platform will prioritize the value changes and effectively merge the colliding updates.

Work Management

onLocation for Maximo allows mobile users to manage their field work by notifying of the reception of assigned work orders, allowing work flowed status updates, recording start and finish work times, issuing of material, recording of failure reports and many other functionalities.

Service Request Management

onLocation for Maximo also allows mobile field crew to raise service requests based on their on-site observations and route them to central planners for actioning.

Time Recording

onLocation for Maximo provides users with one-tap time recording capability. When a field crew receives his assigned work order, all he needs to do is tap the "start" icon to signify that he's started progressing the work. A tap of the "stop" icon will allow him to pause work at the end of the day or complete it altogether. This function then creates complete labor transaction records against the work order, thus accruing the cost and time of his work.

Material Issue

By the same token, onLocation for Maximo allows field crews to issue or return planned material with a single tap. All material issue transactions are then promptly created and inventory adjusted.

Failure Reporting

onLocation for Maximo allows users to fully complete corrective or reactive work orders by filling in the failure reporting codes. The code select popup lists are configured, as in Maximo, to react to the previously selected class, problem or cause fields, making the reporting easy, efficient and standard.

Meter Readings

onLocation for Maximo also allows users to record meter readings against assets. This feature will allow for a much increased frequency and reliability in the recording of measurement, thus making meter-based preventive maintenance more accurate.

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