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onLocation Server Installation Intructions

onLocation Server

The onLocation Platform Server is packaged as a standard J2EE web application archive. It can be installed on any compliant application server and has been extensively tested on:
  • WebSphere
  • Web Logic
  • Tomcat

    Simply download the package and deploy following the standard deployement steps.

    Database Connection

    The first screen you will be presented with is the database connection screen. The onLocation Platform server relies on a database to persist all mobile message but also to maintain its configuration and operational data.

    Most major JDBC compatible relational databases can be used as a persistent store. Simply enter the appropriate connection data in the form fields and click the "Update Connection Details" button.

    If the connection was succesful, the database connection status will indicate "Ok". But a series of error messages should then appear, indicating that the server cannot find to appropriate configuration tables. If you want to create the onLocation schema content for the first time, you click the "Run Schema Creation Script" button.

    The status indicators should then both be green and "Ok", indicating that the onLocation Platform Server is now ready to be used. Now simply click the "Logout" button in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the main logon screen.

    First Logon

    You can now logon as the system administrator for the first time.

    The post-installation credentials for the main administrator are

    User: admin
    Password: manager

    Once logged in, you can access the "User" screen, from the menu on the left, to edit the administrative user in order to change the password or any other of its attributes.

    In the onLocation Platform server interface, you can edit records by clicking the "Edit" button in the right-most column of a table.

    onLocation for Maximo Server Package

    onLocation Server Packages are archives that contain all artefacts necessary to configure the server to support a specific solution. It will automatically create all required transformation mappings, the target external system configuration, import all library classes and prepare the users for mobile connection

    After having downloaded the package from this site, access the "Packages" screen and click on the "Upload Package" button.

    Then, simply select the previously downloaded package and confirm the upload.

    The succesful deployement will be confrimed on screen with an indication of the version of the package having just been deloyed

    Maximo Configuration Package

    The Maximo configuration package is a standard add-on package for Maximo that automatically configures the integration components that need to be deployed for proper communication with the onLocation for Maximo solution.

    It is installed in the very same way any other Maximo add-ons would be: using the out-of-the-box package installer and following the usual prompts.

    Once this final component has been installed successfully, the onLocation solution is ready for use. Simply download the Android app on user devices and configure the end point addresses and user credentials.

    Further Support

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any further support you would need.

  • Download and install the app from